Mileage tracking may seem like a waste of time to you because you can’t claim the commute to the office; but let’s take a moment to think about this. How often do you drive to meet a client for lunch, or run to Costco for supplies, and let’s not forget driving to that training session across the state? The current IRS mileage rate for 2017 business mileage is 53.5 cents per mile. If you drive just a 1000 miles for business, you are leaving $535.00 on the table if you don’t track this mileage.

Yes, it can be a pain to keep a log of all your mileage, but BLBK Solutions has an awesome tool to make it as easy as pressing a button on your phone when
you start your trip.

Thanks to the BLBK SOLUTIONS LLC App, you can now get all the information you need permanently recorded on your Smartphone. Just set the Mileage Tracker to ‘Start Trip’ and thanks to the wonders of GPS tracking, your precise journey and the exact mileage covered will be recorded for you. When you get to your destination, click ‘End Trip’ and all the details will be saved.

You can view a list of all the trips you have made including dates, times and miles covered and you can even email the details to your accountant, head office, payroll section – whoever needs the information.

It’s a convenient and profitable feature of your BLBK SOLUTIONS LLC App. If you haven’t used it yet, give it a try. We think you’ll be impressed.

Don’t have the app yet? It’s free! You can download it at iTunes® or the Google Play™ store. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Article Written By Connie Jacox

Connie Jacox is the Founder CEO of BLBK Solutions LLC a certified Profit First firm that specializes in the dental industry. She can be reached at