On a recent trip to the breathtaking island of Lanai, Hawaii, I witnessed an important lesson; It is human nature to believe that whatever is currently happening will likely happen permanently. But in reality, it won’t.

I was visiting the Lanai City Museum to read-up on the history of the island. A twenty-year-old video looped in the background. It shared a fascinating tale of the rise and fall of industry on Lanai.

The locals explained how the sugarcane industry had come and gone. They explained how cattle had come and gone. As the twenty-year-old video concluded, it explained how the pineapple industry has proven to be the only industry that has permanence. “It is here now. It is here to stay.”

Ten years later, Lanai no longer produced pineapple. If only they had known. But how could they? They’re human.

Today the industry is tourism. It’s the new great hope for the island. I just wonder how long it will last.